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Consider IT Managed.

CBM is your one-stop managed technology solution. Whether you’re growing in size, running out of server space, or need a software upgrade, we’re ready to help you see it through. Depending on your needs and budget, our customized services can speed up your network, protect you from cyber threats, and even prepare you for IT disasters. Our fully customizable managed IT services include:

24/7 Network Monitoring

Our Network Operations Centre can track your site, equipment, and users in real-time. Network and server monitoring keep your team online, safe, and productive.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Never let an incident put your business in jeopardy. Our preventative and corrective disaster recovery planning helps get your business back on track with minimal losses.

Preventative Maintenance

Your security and stability matter to us. We deliver on-going updates and patching to your software and equipment to manage any red flags before they become issues.

Cybersecurity Services

Get advanced protection from malware, ransomware, and other viruses. We also offer email spam filtering to ensure your business is protected from cyber-threats trying to sneak in through your inbox.

Backup & Cloud Hosting

We offer many options for backing up your business’ important data. Keep your files safe and locked down with CBM-IT or with our world-renowned cloud hosting partner.

How we keep supporting you

Annual IT Assessments

Rest easy. We make sure your IT plan includes business continuity — with hundreds of checks, fiscal recommendations, and a 12-month ever-greening schedule.

A Dedicated Team

We’re flexible and happy to provide immediate on-site support. Have trust in a full team of expert, reliable IT pros for simple requests and major projects.

Documentation & Reporting

Have all the facts you need. We provide detailed and unparalleled documentation — backed by powerful reporting tools — for everything on your network.

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Letting a managed service provider take over your IT support is a big decision. If you're not ready yet to settle on an IT solution, you should read some of the resources we have in the CBM-IT Knowledge Centre. We discuss the benefits of managed IT services, how they can serve small businesses, how they can reduce costs associated with system downtime, and more.

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"CBM has proven to be an excellent partner, and has not only stood behind their services and solutions, but has also added value through their progressive view on adding future value to the Landtran brand"

- Landtran Group of Companies

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