24/7 Network & Server Monitoring in Edmonton

Have peace of mind with 24/7 network and server monitoring

Better Network Security. Fewer Interruptions.

When your connection breaks and stalls, how can you keep working towards your goals? Keeping maximal uptime isn’t just critical to staying operational. It prevents your best work from happening.

With CBM, you can rest assured that your connections are safe and reliable. We use our Network Operations Centre to track your site, equipment and users in real time.

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Reduce outages & stay secure

With active performance monitoring, we can tell ahead of time if unexpected issues could disrupt your connection. Without it, you’re scrambling for answers when you could be recovering and getting back to work. Seamless connectivity isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity.

Backed by regular assessments and diagnostics, our networking and cybersecurity expertise ensure you’re protected from malware and other threats.

What we solve:

The CBM Way

Alongside 24/7 monitoring, CBM provides a breadth of integrated services to keep your business well-connected.

Authentic, responsive, strategic, knowledgable, invested, and transparent.

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What our clients say

“Anyone can sell hardware. What sets CBM aside from the rest is superior support, knowledge and accountability. They own the whole process from start to finish. Case closed”

Paul Fahey, ICT Manager

JV Driver Projects

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