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Stay flexible and safe with backup & cloud hosting

IT Solutions That Keep Data Truly Secure.

You wouldn't leave your personal records or bank statements exposed in a public place. Why treat your private business data any differently?

We're at peace knowing our data is tucked safely into a secure data center that's further out of reach from breaches. Protecting your data is important to us because it's important to you.

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Protect your crucial files

It's easy to lose trust and credibility when you lose critical data. You shouldn't have to recover from losses that you can prevent.

Backups are a business requirement. Unplanned downtime caused by data loss affects businesses of all sizes, leading to millions of dollars in annual damages worldwide. You’re only safe with a comprehensive backup solution with multiple layers of protection.

What we solve:

  • Loss from data breaches
  • Lack of storage scalability
  • Unplanned & costly downtime
  • The limitations of onsite storage space

The CBM Way

Alongside 24/7 monitoring, CBM provides a breadth of integrated services to keep your business well-connected.

Authentic, responsive, strategic, knowledgable, invested, and transparent.

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What our clients say

“Anyone can sell hardware. What sets CBM aside from the rest is superior support, knowledge and accountability. They own the whole process from start to finish. Case closed”

Paul Fahey, ICT Manager

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