Recorded Webinar:
Enabling Digital Culture
in Your Organization

Learn how to overcome remote work challenges and
Transform into a digital organization.

When remote is our new reality...

You need to start transforming your business.

We know that all business owners want a smooth transition to operating remotely. Unfortunately, many aren't yet equipped for effortless, digital communication and collaboration.

We believe any organization can transform the way they operate internally to improve efficiency, even when working remotely.

To ensure yours can adapt to this situation in a healthy, productive way, you need to foster a digital culture. This webinar is here to help you get started.

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About the Speakers

Glenn Mudryk

CEO, CBM Office Automation

Glenn leads a proudly people-focused business that integrates print and IT under roof and one direction. He is proud to service businesses in Edmonton with a unique approach to customer service and customized solutions.

Robert Craig

Robert Craig

Director of IT, CBM Office Automation

Rob has helped transform CBM into a full-service technology partner, adding digital communication to the company's expertise. He has a passion for technology and truly loves all aspects of the industry.

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