Recorded Webinar:
Keeping a Peaceful Home Office

4 Essential Cybersecurity Measures
for Remote Work

Working from home isn't just a temporary solution.

It’s becoming more and more commonplace as businesses embrace flexibility and find better ways to work online. How can you embrace this new normal if you aren’t prepared for the risks?

Every cybersecurity threat that targets business networks can target the home network just as—if not more—easily. Watch our discussion on how best to protect employees from their remote offices while maintaining a confident, happy workforce.


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About the Speakers

Glenn Mudryk

CEO, CBM Office Automation

Glenn leads a proudly people-focused business that integrates print and IT under roof and one direction. He is proud to service businesses in Edmonton with a unique approach to customer service and customized solutions.

Robert Craig

Robert Craig

Director of IT, CBM Office Automation

Rob has helped transform CBM into a full-service technology partner, adding digital communication to the company's expertise. He has a passion for technology and truly loves all aspects of the industry.

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