Glenn Mudryk
Chief Executive Officer

In our first 45 years, we have watched as print technology has gone through an unimaginable transformation. Today, one hardly breaks a sweat to make thousands of colour copies. However, as a result, we’ve become a bit reckless in the ways we produce. As populations rise and paper use reaches all-time highs, our businesses have a responsibility: using the means we have to create greater efficiencies and reduce our waste.

Now, with more files than ever being digital, businesses are facing a new challenge: online security. The buzz around cybersecurity these days is more than just talk. Thousands of Canadian businesses will be affected by a cyberattack this year. Adapting to this new environment can be difficult, especially since many large, successful businesses still don’t have the resources or expertise to protect themselves properly.

We believe that a truly paperless office is not that far away. So, we’ve stepped up to the plate to lead our customers and partners to transformative digital solutions. CBM-IT was founded to relieve people’s worries and stress around technology.

This year, we’re celebrating our 45th anniversary. We’re proud to have served our community with a team of people who love what they do. With our new direction and focus, we are adding the latest data recovery strategies and working toward being thought leaders in managed IT solutions. We’ve been a top performer and key player in Edmonton, being recognized by Business in Edmonton magazine. Our customers tell us our response and proactive service is faster and more precise than that of our competitors.

As CBM-IT continues to improve and grow, we promise to stay authentic, responsive, strategic, knowledgable, invested, and transparent. In keeping with these values, we want to acknowledge and thank our dependable partners and everyone in the community who has attended our events, shared our social media posts with their colleagues, or supported the personal and professional endeavours of our team members.

We’re living in exciting times. To match technology’s rapid growth, we have reinvented ourselves several times over the past 45 years, leading the way for businesses to shed their typewriters and fax machines. We’re excited for what this latest evolution of CBM-IT can be.

We guarantee that we’ll keep making information sharing simple, nurturing long-term relationships, taking your feedback seriously, and putting people first. I’m looking forward to 45 more outstanding years.

Glenn Mudryk 

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